Below are the laid down policies for staffing of new employees:

  • All new employees would upon selection undergo mandatory 2-3 week training.
  • New employees do not get to start work or training until all equipments are in place.
  • The company equipment will not be transferred to a third party.
  • On no account should a staff abandon work schedule or neglect duties on working hours without prior notice of absence to the appropriate body.
  • The company will be providing you funds via Check or ACH which will be used to purchase your working equipment from the company’s certified vendor.
  • Once Funds has been provided, the assigned vendors will give you their preferred payment methods.
  • The vendors will be responsible for delivery and installing all the softwares and programs needed to work with.
  • All the equipment will get to you in one piece via FedEx (next day delivery). Below are the set of equipment you will be getting delivered to your home address;

A Desktop/Laptop
Laser Printer

  • The equipment to start work will be purchased from a company certified vendor alone.
  • For check payment, the company will mail you the check to your address on file.
  • The fund for the procurement of equipment shall not be left dormant in an employee account for more than 24 hours.
  • Damaged equipment can only be replaced upon satisfactory explanation from the staff and a team head, handwritten and sent to the appropriate body.
  • On no account should an employee divert company fund for personal use, excuse of paying back at a later date would not be accepted and defaulting party shall be handed over to the company’s legal department.
  • All details for funding would be met for new employees provided these details which includes; include account name, account number, routing number, online access i.e. username and password which is only to be used for tracking of the company funds in the employee’s account alone.

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